Preparing for Autologous Blood Collection

Donating blood is a controversial topic. Blood transfusions these days are very safe but there is always the slight risk of getting a blood borne disease. By donating blood for surgery, your own blood is available IF you need it. Your medical condition will be evaluated to determine whether an autologous donation is appropriate. There are certain medical conditions which make you ineligible to donate blood.

There are a few precautions though. Donating your own blood is NOT RECOMMENDED when you:

  • have a sore throat or other flu like symptoms.
  • are presently taking antibiotics, or it has been less than 3 days since you ceased taking antibiotics.
  • have any open unhealed areas on your body, such as a cold sore, cuts, sutures or grazes, or if you have had any sun spots or skin cancers removed recently. All areas should be healed and show no signs of infection before it is safe to donate again.
  • have had any major dentistry in the week prior to donating such as root canal work or extractions, or any minor work within the previous 24 hours, such as a filling.
To avoid the inconvenience of arriving at the donation clinic and having your collection postponed because of any of the above, phone the BLOOD DONOR CENTRE if any illness occurs around the time of your next visit so that they can advise you. It would be wise to avoid having any dental work done around your donation dates.Donations are usually scheduled once a week as close as 7 days before your surgery. It normally takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for each donation.

How Is It Arranged?

Take with you…
  • a referral signed by your surgeon or local doctor (with the doctor’s provider number).
  • a list of your medications.
  • reading glasses.
  • a friend or relative to accompany you home (if possible).
Eat a well balanced meal before you donate.Take your usual medications on the day of your donation.It is important that you drink plenty of fluids (non alcoholic) before and after your donation.There can be a cost in donating blood. Our office staff can provide you with further information with respect to this or you can contact your local blood bank.

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