Ultrasound is the name given to high frequency sound waves which are out of the range of human hearing. In medicine, an ultrasound scanner uses the sound waves to make a television image of many structures within the body. There are no known harmful effects from exposure to diagnostic ultrasound waves and they do not involve the use of X-Ray or radiation.

The ultrasound scanner is a sophisticated machine, the examination is simple and painless and usually requires much less than one hour of time.

A hand held instrument called a transducer is placed against your skin after applying a lubricant and slowly passed over the area to be examined. The lubricant helps the transducer keep close contact with the skin and it will be necessary that your clothes be removed and a gown worn instead.

The majority of your scan is usually done by an ultrasound technician who has several years of education and training in the use of ultrasound. The result will be interpreted by a radiologist and a careful review of your ultrasound pictures and medical history are necessary with this interpretation.

The technologist will not give the results to you and the findings will be reported to your referring doctor.

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