How to apply a sling videos:

How to apply an immobiliser sling video

How to apply a triangular sling for showering video

How to Apply a Sling step by step:

Step 1

A =Top Ring  D = Shoulder Strap
 B =  Side Ring E = Neck Pad
 C =Waist Strap F = Arm Cover

Step 2

Firstly, place your hand (of the affected side) into the cover (F) Secure the cover (F) around the elbow​

Step 3

Elbow should fit snugly into corner of the cover (F)

Step 4

Pull shoulder strap (D) through top ring (A) and secure shoulder strap (D) back onto itself with the Velcro.
Note: Elbow should be resting at 90° angle

Step 5

Note: Shoulder strap comes behind the affected shoulder
Pull waist strap (C) through side ring (B). Secure back onto itself with the velcro.

You can also download these instructions on How To Apply A Sling.

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